RADii Systems was established in 1988 and began operations in February 1989. Our products included three wall angle profiles. The founder of RADii Systems is Wayne Vaughan. Although he has a technical degree from Texas A & M, and graduate work at the University of Minnesota in business, he describes himself as a “heat and beat engineer.” He explains the term by saying, “If it doesn’t work, reheat it and get a bigger hammer!”

Prior to founding RADii Systems, he was the General Manager of an Onan distributorship in Dallas, Texas, Vice-President and General Manager of Onan-Far East Division based in Singapore and VP and General Manager of Onan Global Export, based in Minneapolis. He has served a combined total of 30 years on active duty and in the Army Reserve.

Wayne is well-traveled and is comfortable in dealing with different cultures, customs and laws. He has lived all over the US, in Europe, and Asia. He has worked in virtually every functional area of business, but considers himself as a generalist problem-solver.

Over the years, Radii Systems has designed and manufactured several special products and have adapted our RadiiTrim System to solve problems for our customers. We are customer driven and as a result we now have five profiles instead of the original three. We have adapted our packaging to meet customer needs and wants. Our most recent technical achievement is developing three shadow/reveal profiles that can be used for BOTH outside and inside radius installations. As Wayne describes it, this achievement is “…a 13-year overnight success story.”

We have participated in several international projects, including the Bank of Ceylon in Sri Lanka. The special products we designed for this project became the basis for our providing pre-formed column rings for The Gap stores nationwide. We are also an approved Corps of Engineers vendor and have our products in US government installations.

We are always interested in special projects and difficult applications. We cannot solve every problem about which we are asked, but we solve a lot of them. Our commitment is to help you solve your problem. If our products cannot help, we often can and do recommend other manufacturers that might be able to help you.

After 25 years we are ready for the next step. We look forward to helping you solve your radius installation problems with our existing products and/or developing new products to meet new needs.